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The Truth About Alkaline

The alkaline diet is trending nowadays.  Everyone is talking about how eating alkaline foods and drinking alkaline waters can decrease your likelihood of succumbing to certain illnesses and improve your overall health.

So what is alkaline exactly? When we think of alkaline we usually think of things like baking soda. When we think of acid we think of things like vinegar and citrus. Surprisingly, citrus is part of the alkaline diet because apparently it becomes alkaloid once ingested.

A substance with a PH greater than 7 is alkaline and a substance with a Ph less than 7 is acidic. The PH is measured on a scale of 0 to 14. The overall PH of a healthy body ranges from 7.35 to 7.45. Because of this it is believed that alkaline foods are more beneficial to maintain health and wellness. Consuming an alkaline diet has been suggested in order to decrease the risk of diseases such as arthritis and cancer, and to achieve weight loss. This is believable considering that a lot of foods that are considered acidic are processed foods. Some alkaloid foods include leafy green vegetables, blueberries, most fruits in general, and nuts. So listen when mom tells you “Don’t leave that table until you eat all your veggies!”


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Some mineral water is also considered alkaloid.

All spring waters are not created equal! There are a lot of experiments testing various types of bottled waters. Many of them have concluded that tap water has a higher PH than some popular brands of bottled water.  I’m not gonna name any names, but these companies know who they are.

In these experiments the tap water had a PH of 7 (neutral) while some bottled water had a PH of 4.5. Ugh! 😐 Of course, I believe all water is good for you.

But why waste all that money when you can just get water from your faucet for free! Especially with the BPA in the plastic. Now, that’s a story for another time. 😀

Also, some of these alkaline waters on the market add electrolytes, making the water artificially alkaloid. The best alkaloid waters on the market are the ones that come from volcanic rocks or springs. These are the waters that advertise that the PH may be a different number in different bottles of water. This happens because the water is naturally alkaline. The PH will usually range from 7.8 and up. I do believe the hype, considering that most alkaloid foods are leaning toward fruits and vegetables. But alas, too much of anything is not good for you! So you want to keep your diet alkaloid, but closer to neutral. Meaning don’t consume too much artificial alkaline water. It’s ok to drink tap!  You can have a glass of milk with you broccoli.


Want more information? Check this source!

Alkaline Diet

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